Donisl at Marienplatz is located right in the heart of Munich. It’s the perfect place to visit for guided tours through Munich, so we would like to introduce the supporting programme of our partners.

Radius Tours

Radius Tours is based at Munich Central Sation since over 30 years and it’s known for it’s excellent guided tours in German, English and Spanish language. All their tour guides are coming from Munich and Bavaria and bring many years of experience as well as much love for their Bavarian culture with it.
The team of Radius Tours makes its tours entertaining, humorous, original and sometimes serious – but always enormous informative.
Radius Tours offers for example a beer tour through Munich, where you will also stop by at the Donisl beer hall for some refreshments.

Everybody who is drinking beer needs a good basis isn’t it? As a small introduction of the tour a guide Radius Tours Logowill explain the history of beer during a small beer tasting at the location of Radius Tours. Afterwards the various breweries in and around Munich will be introduced. First stop takes place at the beer and Oktoberfest museum in Munich before the tour continues to our traditional Bavarian restaurant after another beer tasting including a fresh pretzel. We will offer you typical Bavarian delicacies, which are just waiting to be consumed by you.

No matter if your are young or old, if you are from Munich or abroad: At our place everyone comes together and we take care for a cosy and sociable atmosphere.
Afterwards you will continue towards Hofbräuhaus, where your tour will end. If you want to come back to Donisl or if you want to move on is up to you.

dine around munich

You love Munich and you want to learn more about the city and our culinary delights? If you love good food and want to get to know new places, the dinner tour of dine around munich is the right choice for you.It is an approx. 3.5-hour culinary city tour through Munich’s old town. It includes visits to three different restaurants.

Dine around Munich Logo

Their tour starts with an appetizer, which (mainly) takes place at Donisl. This is followed by a guided tour to the second restaurant where a main course including a drink is served. As a little digestive walk follows another small guided tour through the city, which then ends in the third dimicile with dessert and coffee.


With the beer tour through Munich of Spurwechsel you have the opportunity to visit a beer museum, beer palaces or a beer fountain. A good fresh beer from Hacker-Pschorr is a must, when your are in Munich. So the Donisl beer hall is of course also part of their beer tour.

Your tourSpurwechsel Logo guides will provide you with historical and sociable, interesting and entertaining information during the city tour. You can even try your hand at beer tasting with three different types of beer.



Weis(s)er Stadtvogel

Beer history brought to life – during their city tour through Munich’s old town you will learn all kinds of interesting historical and current background information facts..

Weis(s)er Stadtvogel Logo
Whether for individuals or groups, the team of Weis(s)er Stadtvogel offers different city tours, delicacies tours and also beertours. During the 2.5-hour beer tour, including a moderated beer tasting and a snack from the famous Viktualienmarkt, you will get served a traditional “Schnitt” of beer as an aperitif right at the beginning of the tour at our Bavarian restaurant.
Every Friday and Saturday you have the chance to book the beer tour at different times with a stop at Donisl. Just give it a try.