Munich-style stewed specialties

We are convinced that boiled meat both tastes exceptional and is very agreeable. That’s why at Donisl we are reviving at the Munich culinary tradition of boiled meat, known as the Münchner Siedeküche.

What is the Münchner Siedeküche?

We use various cuts of beef to prepare our traditional boiled dishes. From lean, tender rump, to centre cut with a thin layer of fat, to pickled tongue: At Donisl everyone can select their preferred cut of beef.

The basis for delicately boiled meat is a strong beef stock that’s been refined with root vegetables. The meat slowly and gently simmers for hours in its own juice, until it’s tender and, quite literally, melts in your mouth.

Where our meat comes from

The meat we use in our boiled dishes originates from cattle in the Upper Bavarian region of Chiemgau. Here, you can still find small traditional farming and pasturing. Thanks to our preferred purveyor of beef, the family-owned butcher Magg, we can guarantee the meat we serve is top quality, from a regional, ethically-raised source.

How to enjoy boiled meat dishes

Start with a strong beef stock – either alone with root vegetables or garnished with strips of thin, German-style pancakes. Now it’s time to enjoy the best part: the boiled meat. Served with apple horseradish, chive sauce, creamed spinach and potatoes with parsley, our boiled meat is a well-balanced, mouth-watering meal.