At Donisl you can be certain to exclusively be served regional products that uphold the highest quality standards. We are able to do so because we have close, trustworthy partnerships with our vendors. Here’s a brief portrait of the key ones.

Best mustard of Bavaria

Mari Senf

Family Kiefhaber from Geltendorf is a valuable partner for us. They produce our two mustard sorts especially for us in a traditional way. In the west of Munich our sweet and medium Donisl mustard is resulting in a small manufactur with lots of love and skilled masterly performance. Both mustard sorts are manufactured only for us after a secret recipe. The sweet mustard is the main companion to our Munich Weisswurst, therefore we decided to sell it in our restaurant - so you can enjoy the great taste also at home.

Preferred vendor for beef, pork and sausage

Magg Butcher’s Shop

The family butcher Magg of Trostberg is our prefferd supplier of beef, pork and sausage. The two brothers, Robert and Stefan, highly value the artisan buchery trade combined with sustainable operations. That’s why they exclusively use regional raw materials and prepare speciality sausages according to their father’s old recipes. They equally value a close working relationship with farmers. All cattle are from Chiemgau and Rupertigau in Upper Bavaria while pigs come from the region of Old Bavaria. Proper animal husbandry, short transport, and an in-house slaughterhouse mean they can gaurantee premium quality regional meats.

Fresh mountain air and purest spring water for aromatic spirits

Lantenhammer Distillery

The Latenhammer Distillery, located in the Upper Bavarian town of Schliersee, has been a family business since 1928 and is currently in the hands of the third generation. It produces excellent quality spirits with the fruit, essential for great quality, at the heart of its products. That’s why the various fruits come from the best regions and are selected by hand. Years of experience, fresh mountain air and pure spring water result in aromatic spirits in their purest form.

Quality through tradition

Traditional Munich butchery Gassner

The multi-generational butcher, located directly at Munich’s Schlachthof, provides us with fresh Weißwürste (white veal sausage) daily. We have worked with them as vendors for decades, so we know they truly value freshness, high quality standards and regional sourcing. Further, Gassner is against the long transport of animals and thereby primarily supports regional farmers and slaughterhouses.

Artisan bread and cake maker

Riedmair Bakery

Our baked goods come from the traditional Riedmair Bakery of Munich. Established in 1953, it’s now run by the third generation. By consciously purchasing raw materials from the region, the family-owned business supports stores in Munich and farmers in the greater Munich area. Modern technology lends a hand during the baking process, but mastering the handcraft during preparation ensures we get high-quality products made with love and respect for the environment and people.