Our summerly seasonal menu starts with a cold cucumber mint soup with smoked salmon tartar inside.

If you are searching for a refreshing salad as main dish, you should try our summer salad with cos lettuse, tomato, fruity necatrine, parmesan cheese and Italian raw ham.

What shouldn´t be missing at this time: chanterelles! You can find these delicious mushrooms as side to our grilled sous vide topside of veal. Which is very tender because of the low-temperature cooking methode. A perfect combination with apricot chutney, gnocchi and pesto.

As dessert we can reccommend you our Bavarian semolina Kaiserschmarrn with apricot compote and vanilla ice cream.

PDF download of our seasonal menu

Donisl seasonal menu from 20th of July 2020 grilled topside of vealsummer salad