Life is better with burger or what do you think?
We have something special for you on our “young, modern & seasonal” menu: our Bavarian Wagyu beef burger.

Have you ever heard of the German Wagyu Academy?

Wagyu meat from the breeding of Sepp Krätz has an inimitable, hearty and nutty taste and melts like butter on the tongue.
Waygus have extremely tender meat, which is characterized by its higher proportion of Omega 3 fatty acids and valuable muscle protein.

A fresh beer of our Hacker-Pschorr brewery from the wooden barrel is a perfect match with this delicious burger. Or try one of our other 10 different sorts of beer.
On our current “young, modern & seasonal” menu  there are also other dishes just waiting to be tried.

So drop by & enjoy. We´re looking forward to your visit.

Download our young, modern & seasonal menu as PDF

Wagyu Burger